Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hearing, Reading, Wearing, Watching: February

This month I've been reading a lot more poetry than I ever have before (which was none), it's just something that's never really been on my radar until recently. At the moment I've really been enjoying the work of Warsaw Shire and Nayyirah Waheed, two incredible young females poets whose work is so incredibly honest, raw, and relevant that I just find myself reading and re-reading each and every poem of theirs that I come across. I've always felt that I'm not very articulate or good at putting things into words so finding someone else's writing that feels like it was written about you and your experiences is quite incredible - so much of what I read by these women resonates to deeply with me and my own experiences right now. If you have any recommendations of other poets I should check out please let me know - I'd love to expand my library!

Warsan Shire
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Nayyirah Waheed
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Current Playlist
There hasn't been a specific album or artist I've been listening to this month so here is my current playlist, which is just mainly an accumulation of random songs I hear places that have nothing to do with each other, but that's the way I like it! What have you been listening to this month?

Body Scrub
The weather here in Portland has been unusually sunny and warm these past few weeks (which I am beyond thrilled about) so there have been a few days in there that I have left the house, dare I say it, tightsless. In order to get my legs feeling super soft and smooth (this detracts from how pale they are when the world has to see them) I've been using this body scrub from Soap & Glory. It's a brand I've heard a lot about hype about through bloggers and vloggers but have never really gotten the chance to try out. Luckily for me, my mom sent me the Pulp Friction scrub for Valentines Day and I've really been enjoying using it ever since. It smells great, is just the right amount of abrasive, and turns into a nice creamy texture after it's been rubbed - 10/10 from me!

Last weekend, just a few days before the Oscars, I went and saw Birdman with a few of my friends. I'd heard so much about the film, and everything that I had heard was really really positive, so going into the film I had a feeling it was going to be worth the trip to the movie theatre and I've got to say I was not disappointed. There was not one aspect of the film that I thought could have been improved. I was definitely most blown away by the amazing cinematography (I didn't stop talking about it all night after the film) but I thought the writing, acting, and else everything was just fantastic - it was just such a well done and entertaining film. Obviously, I highly recommend you checking this film out if you're even just the littlest bit interested in it - I mean it won four Oscars, that's gotta count for something!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

In The Navy

What I Wore: [Shirt: old Zara (similar), Skirt: American Apparel, Booties: old Sam Edelman (similar), Bag: Madewell, Jacket: Gap, Earrings: old Forever21 (similar)]

Recently I've been feeling pretty uninspired by my current wardrobe and being a college student I have a pretty tight budget when it comes to what I can spend on clothes, so to remedy this problem I've been doing my best to work with what I have and change up the way I've been wearing things as we head into the warmer months. This outfit is made up of some of my most favorite staple pieces - the top was the first thing I ever bought from Zara when I was 16 and went to Germany for a school trip, the navy skirt is my version of the perfect pair of jeans and I wear it at least once a week, and these booties have seen me though everything - but for some reason before today I had never put these three pieces together. I've got a weird thing about wearing shades of blue that are too close to being the same shade together (I never wear a blue top with blue jeans, etc.) so I never considered this top as being able to go with this skirt, but because of the pattern and color accents I think the navy on navy works - the combination almost looks a bit like a dress actually. I very easily get in the habit of rotating my same favorite "outfit combinations" without thinking to break up the pieces and put them with something else, (it's a little hard to do when you wear dresses all the time) slowly but surely though I think I am beginning to expand my outfit options without having to purchase a whole new wardrobe.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Menswear Inspired

What I Wore: [Dress: J. Crew Factory (similar), Sweater: Gap (similar), Necklace: Portobello Road Market (similar), Tights: H&M, Shoes: Minelli (similar), Bag: Madewell]

If you've been following my blog for any amount of time you'd agree with me when I say that 'masculine' is not a word that really ever describes my personal style, but I am a big fan of the whole menswear inspired aesthetic on other people. This particular outfit is my attempt at that achieving that kind of look. Because of my body shape I tend to prefer more 'feminine' cut clothing pieces (i.e. all things with defined waists) and am known for putting a waist belt on anything that is purposefully shapeless, but this time I resisted the belt temptation! Somehow the layering of two loosing fitting pieces over each other resulted in something that didn't make me look like a tent. It was the perfect thing to wear for an afternoon curled up doing homework on the couches at the Ace Hotel with two of my closest friends. School has been so busy these days with all of my work for my classes in addition to my new job at my school's newspaper so not doing homework on a Saturday isn't really an option any more. Luckily, having so many nice coffee shops and cafes in Portland to work in makes homework on a Saturday not seem like such of a drag.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Perfect Saturday

What I Wore: [Coat: BCBGeneration, Top: J. Crew, Jeans: Gap, Shoes: Sam & Libby for Target, Necklace: Kate Spade New York, Bag: old Michael Kors (similar)]

I call this post 'the perfect saturday' because the Saturday that I wore this outfit was spent eating brunch at Screen Door with some of my most favorite people in the world on a beautiful sunny day - and we all know that anything that includes the world "brunch" is perfect in my eyes *insert heart eyes emoji*. It feels weird saying this, but it's actually been too warm for me to wear this jacket very much since I got back to school, and it was too cold to wear it back home, so I was really thankful for the perfect jacket wearing weather that Saturday gave me. I loved being able to snuggle down into the faux fir collar while walking around Portland in the chilly sunshine. Underneath I wore a pretty classic outfit for me, striped shirt + the only pair of jeans I don't hate + ankle boots - because on weekends comfort and simplicity dominates all of my clothing choices.

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