Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Menswear Inspired

What I Wore: [Dress: J. Crew Factory (similar), Sweater: Gap (similar), Necklace: Portobello Road Market (similar), Tights: H&M, Shoes: Minelli (similar), Bag: Madewell]

If you've been following my blog for any amount of time you'd agree with me when I say that 'masculine' is not a word that really ever describes my personal style, but I am a big fan of the whole menswear inspired aesthetic on other people. This particular outfit is my attempt at that achieving that kind of look. Because of my body shape I tend to prefer more 'feminine' cut clothing pieces (i.e. all things with defined waists) and am known for putting a waist belt on anything that is purposefully shapeless, but this time I resisted the belt temptation! Somehow the layering of two loosing fitting pieces over each other resulted in something that didn't make me look like a tent. It was the perfect thing to wear for an afternoon curled up doing homework on the couches at the Ace Hotel with two of my closest friends. School has been so busy these days with all of my work for my classes in addition to my new job at my school's newspaper so not doing homework on a Saturday isn't really an option any more. Luckily, having so many nice coffee shops and cafes in Portland to work in makes homework on a Saturday not seem like such of a drag.

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