Thursday, September 19, 2013

How To: Look Put Together Fast

I feel most confident when I feel put together, everything I try to do just usually goes a little bit better when I’ve got some lipstick and a cute dress on. And although I generally don’t mind getting up early in the morning so that I can take my time to prepare for the day, sometimes hitting the snooze button happens and before I know it there are only 20 minutes before class starts! Here are three tips that help me (and could help you) get the best result with the least amount of work on those rushed mornings.

1. Wear red lipstick and little elseimage
People always assume that if you are wearing lipstick you must have taken a long time to get ready, when in reality putting on lipstick takes about the same amount of time as putting on Chapstick does. In fives minutes you can throw on some concealer in the necessary places, quickly set it all with a powder foundation, lightly fill in your eyebrows to frame your face, put on a quick swipe of mascara to open your eyes, and slap on some lipstick. It’s fresh, it’s simple, and it’s fast

2. Have a “go-to” outfit image

imageAmong the many things I love about dresses are their simplicity. It’s one piece that covers the top and bottom bases of an outfit and you never have to worry about matching things or tucking things in or anything like that, you just zip it up and you are good. My go-to outfit on many mornings is a dress, a belt, and some flats (or boots with tights if it’s colder out!). I especially like this combination for a rushed morning because the belt and shoes eliminate the need to add any jewelry or accessories to the outfit. It already looks and feels complete because has a good amount of visual interest in the detail on the shoes, the buckle of the belt, and the (not pictured) low back of the dress. 

3. Skip the shower, embrace the dry shampooimageBack when I used to have long hair I was notorious for constantly just throwing it up in a topknot at any point of any given day, but now, since my hair is short and I can’t do anything with it anymore I have learned to love bed head and dry shampoo. Since wearing a dress and red lipstick already has me looking pretty sophisticated, I like to tell myself that messier hair is acceptable. So in those last few minutes before I have to dash off to class I use an ample amount of dry shampoo, tousle my hair around, put on some super strength deodorant, spritz myself with some perfume, and voilĂ , I am now the only person who knows I woke up late! 

The Complete Look:

I hope that these few simple tips can help you to save a bit of time when rushing out the door in the morning or at least can help motivate the lazy girl that lives inside us all at 7 am.

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