Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Jewelry Staple

For the past five years my most frequently worn jewelry item has been a small gold letter E necklace that I randomly picked up in London when I was there for the first time ever. At the time I didn't know that I would end up wearing it around my neck nearly everyday for the next five years until, out of the blue, I lost it. I believe it was somewhere in transit between visiting Ali in Arizona and coming home (I can't be sure) - but regardless, for the past month it has been no where to be found. So when I was pursuing the Nordstrom anniversary sale catalog and stumbled across this gold initial necklace from Kate Spade  it really only took me about 30 seconds to put it in my cart, enter my credit card information, and place my order.

The necklace came in the mail yesterday and I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase, especially because I was able to get during a sale. It's the perfect size, weight, length, color - everything, everything is perfect. And it feels very good to finally have a little gold E hanging around my neck again.

Happy Tuesday!


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Blue Belle

What I Wore: [Dress: Francesca's, Belt: H&M - similar, Shoes: Kelly & Co. - similar, Bag: Vintage, Nails: OPI "Don't Be Such A Budapest, Lips: Bite Beauty "Quince"]

I love any excuse I can get to dressed up, I usually end up going overboard and looking overdressed compared to other people and last night was definitely one of those instances. I went to go see a local production of Les Miserable with my mom (it's one of my most favorite musicals ever) and jumped at the chance to put on one of my favorite dresses and pull this beautiful vintage handbag out of my closet for a classy evening out. In my eyes, the little bag is the star the show. I got this handbag a few months ago during a weekend trip to Scotland while I was abroad - Kaylie and I stumbled into a random vintage shop in Glasgow while trying to escape the rain and I just couldn't leave without it. Believe it or not this is only the second time I've ever taken the bag out! Hopefully I'll be able to find more occasions to use it in the near future because it really is beautiful. 

It was a wonderful evening out - full of good food, entertainment, and an outfit that even had strangers complimenting me (although that may have just been because I wasn't wearing the usual Minnesotan attire of t-shirts and jeans, we'll never know).

Hope you're all having a lovely Thursday, thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Place Beyond The Pine(apple)s

What I Wore: [Top: Target, Skirt: Urban Outfitters (super old), Shoes: Bass via DSW, Bag: Kate Spade New York, similar]

Hello! Happy Wednesday! I am quickly typing this up before I have to run out the door for the opening night of the show I am in, but I dearly wanted to get this blog post up now because I don't know when I'll next get the chance to! Things have been insanely busy for me lately, with work, long rehearsals that go late in the evening, and trying to have some sort of a social life there hasn't been much time or energy left over for dressing well or blogging about it. Yesterday was an exception though. As I was getting ready for the things I had to do that day I, as usual, blindly grabbed a top and skirt and put them on as I ran out the door with my bed head and virtually makeup less face, but by the time I found myself in the scary aisle of mirrors in Target I was quite shocked at how well this unplanned outfit had turned out. I love this little button up so much, obviously, because of the fun pineapple print - clothes with details like that just make any day that I put them on so much more enjoyable. Pairing it with this subtly patterned skirt was also a really easy way to mix prints, something that I'm trying to dabble in a bit more. 

Anyway enough with my rambling, thank you all for stopping by, have a lovely day!


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Take Me Home

Today, it is overcast and dreary outside, I've got nothing to do, and am suffering from some pretty bad homesickness - homesickness for London that is. It's been about 2 months now since I said goodbye to the most amazing, life-changing, challenging, and unbelievable 4 months of my life and I think today is as good a day as any to share some of my favorite photos/memories to help soothe my homesick heart. Let's hope I don't start crying as we take this little walk down memory lane.......

Left: Visiting Harrods for the first time meant buying my first Chanel lipstick and crying real tears while getting to touch actual Valentino and Elie Saab. Right: Spontaneous adventures with my roommates in the hopes of finding London's best Pho

Left: Running around Hampstead Heath and having to take pictures like the one above for a class assignment (what?). Right: Meeting and talking with Eric Whitacre, one of my all time favorite choral composers 

Left: Spring break in France with some of my favorite people (pictured on our first day in Paris). Right: Having an impromptu tea party in the original Chanel store in Paris.

Left: This daily scene in our horribly crowded kitchen. Right: Baking cupcakes on valentines day for our entire group while watching the winter Olympics together (which meant mainly just talking about the ice skaters butts). 

Left: Laughing with Emily during our first night out at a pub. Right: Experiencing, and loving, my first butter beer at Harry Potter World!

Left: A beautiful day in Cambridge with these babes. Right: The best night ever in the Glasgow with my best girl. Many cocktails were had, stupid games were played, and we laughed the entire time. 

Left: High Tea at Kensington Palace while my best friend from Germany visited - without a doubt one of the most wonderfully British things that everyone should experience at least once! Right: Being in awe of the perfection that is Liberty every.single.time I went there.

Left: Getting to go to real-life fashion PR party with Ted and Kaylie which meant dressing up, drinking mojitos, talking to  people I aspire to be, saying "wow" a lot, and overall leaving very inspired. Right: Our fancy dinner cruise on the Thames during one of group's last nights in London - utterly magical and ridiculous all in one evening. 

Left: Sipping on many many hot drinks at my favorite cafe, The Vintage Emporium, in east London just off Brick Lane. Right: Having regular 'dog time' in local parks (Kaylie and I really missed our dogs). This particular photo is from our weekend in Scotland and it warms my heart every time I see it. 

Someone, PLEASE, put me on a flight back across the ocean now! 

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