Thursday, May 14, 2015

Duluth Coffee Company

I really, really love my hometown. When I'm away at school I feel like I talk about Duluth all the time (usually because people ask me about my Duluth Pack) so I thought while I'm home on break for a few weeks I would highlight a few places that I love about my little city by the lake. First up, the Duluth Coffee Company.

Location: 105 E. Superior Street, Duluth, MN

Since I'm away from home for the majority of the year whenever I come back to Duluth there are always a handful of new places for me to check out when I'm on break. After spending so much time in Portland and growing to really love small, independent coffee shops it didn't take long for me to fall in love with the Duluth Coffee Company. Every time I've been home since it opened my mom and I always make it a point to go downtown and have a little coffee date together and poke around the antique shops nearby.

The Duluth Coffee Company roasts all of their own coffee in house and no matter which way you drink it (black, iced, latte, or otherwise) it's undeniably the best cup of coffee you can get in town. That being said, I'm pretty loyal to their chai lattes. The first sip of one feels like a combination of a long hug from your best friend and something like ascending to heaven. Just typing this makes me want to make the 25 minute drive to go get one. 

The space is industrial, yet inviting, and has beautiful light. Whenever I go in there seems to be a mix of business people stopping in for a drink before work, students working on homework, and those who are just lingering over their last few sips of their drink before returning to the real world (I usually fit in the last category). 

Happy Thursday! 
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