Saturday, April 5, 2014

Who I'm Following: Round Two

About a year ago I wrote a post dedicated to my biggest blog crushes at the moment and I am pretty sure it has been my most popular post to date, so I thought it was high time I write up an updated version! So here we go, my favorite blogs as of April 2014:


Vivianna Does Makeup 


Lily Pebbles


I am going to lump my two beauty favorites together because I love them equally and for very similar reasons. The two lovely girls behind them, Lily and Anna, are both UK based beauty/fashion/lifestyle bloggers and vloggers with pretty massive followings. More than any of the other beauty blogs that I follow I know I can trust these two to constantly be on top of every single new trend or release that has come out in the beauty world, and because of how incredibly down-to-earth they both are I trust their recommendations completely. It probably doesn’t help that everything they feature is lit and photographed beautifully and that they are both able to churn out at least one new blog post (it’s insane!). I would also highly recommend checking out their beauty videos, which are often linked in posts in their blogs, for more in-depth reviews, hauls, tutorials, and everything else - but beware, one can very easily fall down the rabbit hole and end up spending an entire friday night watching every single one of their videos. I can also vouch that these two are just as lovely in person as are they are online as I happened to run into them at a restaurant in London just a few weeks ago, let’s just say I was quite starstruck. 


Kendi Everyday


One of my most recent follows is Kendi Everyday, which features the ever chic. modern, and just really cool Kendi. She is the queen of pattern mixing, loves a nude heal, and has seriously drool worthy hair - making her posts the ones I am most excited to read when scrolling through my bloglovin’ feed every morning. Ever since is starting following her I notice myself being drawn towards clean cut silhouettes, fresh ways of wearing bright colors, and an overall more effortless esthetic whenever I wander through the shops. Maybe someday I’ll be able to rock a pair of floral pants as well as she can….


Hummingbird High


A baking blog….written by a Portlander…..inspired by a bakery in London that is just down my street? This blog is truly the best of every single world put together. The recipes are creative, beautifully photographed, and easy to follow - so pretty much perfect. On the top of my list of “Things I Am Going To Bake When I Don’t Share A Kitchen With 15 People” are the Dark Chocolate and Earl Grey Cookies, the Lemon Blackberry Tart, and the Wild Berry Cheesecake Bar - they all look so mouthwatering!! One of the things I love most about this blog is that the author, Michelle, writes in her own personal tips for each individual recipe which I think is just such a nice little personal touch and definitely makes tackling some of these seem a lot more doable. 

A Beautiful Mess


This is the blog than needs no introducing, the blog of all blogs that inspires everyone to blog. Seeing as I’m not the most crafty person (although I’m trying more and more to be) my favorite part is the food and drink section of A Beautiful Mess. This semester has been my first time cooking for myself 100% of the time so I do a lot of looking up easy, healthy, quick, and cheap recipes that I can make in the hopes of not eating frozen pizza every night. That is exactly where A Beautiful Mess comes in. Their posts include really great variety of food recipes and amazing looking drink ideas (I am getting excited to be 21 this fall so I can try out some of these cocktails!) that are all relatively easy to recreate and edit/make your own - all that I’ve tried have turned out wonderfully as well! 

And that wraps it up for this installment of my blog crushes, hopefully you got some inspiration and can come join the fan clubs with me! Who are your favorite bloggers at the moment?

Thank’s for stopping by!

- Eva

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