Thursday, January 1, 2015

The 12 months of 2014

Rang in the new year with my best friends from high school, started my semester abroad in London, fell head over heels in love with London, and randomly met my favorite choral composer 

Visited Stonehenge, Cambridge, and Scotland (and had to pinch myself every time) and celebrated love day by baking red velvet cupcakes with Kaylie for everyone on our program. 

Spent the most magical week on spring break adventuring around Nice and Paris with some of my dearest friends, experienced Harry Potter World, and had my best friend from Germany come visit me in London for a week! 

Said a tearful goodbye to my lovely London town, met up with my parents and visited Oxford, bicycled from Bordeaux to Toulouse across France, ate SO MANY French pastries. 

Spent a week in Germany with my second family, came back to the states and promptly redecorated my bedroom, started running, and got to see my siblings for the first time in a long time (!!!!)

June was lots of seeing the people I love (including surprising my best friend, Ali, by flying down to visit her in Arizona) and trying to improve my cooking/baking skills. 

Enjoyed outdoor concerts in the rain, performed in my first play since the 8th grade (!!), attempted to cook French food, drank a lot of milkshakes. 

Watched one of my dear friends walk down the aisle and marry the love of her life, spent a lot of time on the water (as a true Minnesotan should), and squeezed in as much dog time as possible before heading back off to school. 

Finally flew back to Portland after nine months of being away and GOT TO SEE MY FRIENDS AND IT WAS THE GREATEST.

Drank a lot of lattes, ate a lot of tacos, re-fell in love with all things turtle neck, and celebrated Halloween with the best of them. 

The best month. Turned 21, danced the night away with my best best best friends, saw First Aid Kit in concert (and it was perfect), and ended the month by getting to spend time at home with my family for Thanksgiving. 

Shot a documentary about blogging, danced a lot, spent a wonderful weekend of shopping and eating in Portland with my momma, and had the most fantastic Christmas with my whole family back in Minnesota. 

I truly believe that 2014 has been my best year yet. I attribute a lot of that to my semester abroad and how that time forced me to grow, change, explore, and mature in ways I can't fully understand right now. Obviously 2014 wasn't perfect, there were some really bad days that hurt a lot, but I have I feeling I won't remember those bad days a year from now. What I will remember from 2014 are the wonderful memories connected to these pictures, and the hundreds of others sprinkled throughout the year.

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