Thursday, January 8, 2015

Brave & Unapologetic

Every January blog post upon blog post comes out revolving around the idea of New Year's resolutions; what they are, how to make them, how to keep them, etc etc - and every year after reading all of these posts and hearing people talk about their own resolutions I always get to thinking about my own. I am definitely a goal oriented person, I like to have an end point to work towards, but I feel often times (in regards to resolutions) having those specific end goals can be a bit limiting. In years past I always felt like I had really failed if I hadn't reached the exact goal I had set for myself on January 1st, and in that disapointment I would gloss over and forget about all off the new things I had learned or explored along the way even if they didn't end up bringing me to that predetermined end point. So with that in mind, while thinking about what worked and what didn't in 2014 and what I wanted to carryover or improve upon in 2015 my mind kept going back to two words/ideas, those being to be brave and unapologetic.

2014 was the first year in a long time that I could track myself becoming a more brave and confident person, and because of that the confidence that I feel I possess now is something I cannot imagine myself going forward into the future without. Not only could I see myself being more brave in my personal life (I am usually a very shy, introverted, homebody) in the way I was seeking out new friendships and relationships, trying new activities I wouldn't have before, and trying to challenge myself in someway everyday, but I also felt that sense of bravery making its way into big picture things in my life. I feel less afraid of my dreams, I feel more willing and able to chase them, and I want to keep that motivation going. If 2014 was the year of becoming brave I want 2015 to be the year of being brave. 

In regards to being unapologetic, I mean this not in a cruel or malicious sense, but in a "I am not ashamed of my feelings and I stand behind what I say" sense. I had a few moments of being proudly unapologetic in 2014, of really and truly not caring what people thought of the way I felt or what I said, but it's a hard way to be all of the time. The opinions and scrutiny of peers is seemingly inescapable, but I found that if I was truly proud of what I felt and said then I had no reason to be concerned with what anyone else thought of that. In 2015 I want to have more of these moments so that I can continue to chase after what I want and deserve without the opinions of others knocking me down or frightening me away.

So those are my resolutions, just the two. I feel that being brave and being unapologetic are two things that will benefit me through the year 2015 and beyond. These goals don't expire when the clock hits twelve on December 31st 2015, so if I haven't gotten as far with them as I think I can there are no feelings of disappointment or regret holding me back from marching on and fulfilling these goals to the best of my ability. 

Thanks to everyone that read this whole ramble, I know it's different than my usual posts, but sometimes a girl just has to think out loud to her laptop. I hope to have some more outfit posts up soon, but no promises since I plan on drinking in these last few lazy days of break the way I do best (pajamas all day and not a stitch of makeup), but there will be some new ones for sure once I get back to Portland.

Happy Friday! 

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