Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hearing, Reading, Wearing, Watching: January

I did one of these posts a few months back and thought it was a fun way to talk about some non-style related things in my life that I am loving, maybe I'll even do one each month!

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt
purchase it here

I got this book as a gift for Christmas this year, which was awesome, because I'd been wanting to read it for so long! Every Sunday when I'd read the NYT book review section The Goldfinch was always at the top of best-sellers lists and after reading the description online it quickly moved to the top of my 'to read' list. So far the book is living up to the hype. I'm not totally done with it yet (it's long, about 775 pages) but I've really enjoyed getting into every part of this many layered story so far. I don't want to give anything away, so I'm being intentionally vague, when I say that it was not the story I was expecting and the author definitely wrote the perspective of an art thief that I was not expecting to read. I would recommend this book to anyone - but if you're more curious about what the plot is like specifically I recommend looking for some more detailed reviews online!

The Decembrists
listen to it here

I have been waiting for this album to come FOR SO LONG. When The Decembrists announced last November that they were coming out with a new album in January I immediately pre-ordered it and impatiently waited for it to be released. Once January 20th rolled around and I was finally able to have the entire thing on my iPod everything in the world just started to seem right again. This album is flawless. It's The Decembrists at their best. I love every single song. I talk about it to literally everyone that I know. Please, please, please just go listen to it! My favorite songs are: The Wrong Year, Carolina Low, and A Beginning Song. Plus, can we talk about the album artwork? ugh, I love everything that is at all related to The Decembrists.

Parks & Recreation

Over winter break I finally gave in and started watching Parks & Rec, and it has definitely been one of the best choices of my young life. I'm somewhere in the middle of season 3 right now and I fall more in love with the show with every episode. As with all 20 minute shows that are on Netflix and can be easily binge watched I find myself making up excuses to watch episodes at different times throughout the day (one while I do my makeup, one while I fix my hair, one after classes, one before I start my homework, etc etc etc.) and I audibly laugh the entire time. This show is genius. So if any of you have been thinking about starting it and haven't been able to bite the bullet yet, do so now! 

NARS "Dolce Vita" Lipgloss

find it here

Makeup wise not a whole lot in my routine has changed lately but I did add this beautiful NARS lipgloss to my collection. I got in from Sephora in the early part of December and have been wearing it pretty regularly since then. It's the first NARS lip product I've ever tried and I'm really happy with it. The color that I got, Dolce Vita, is beautiful dusty rose color - which for me is perfect for everyday wear. The color payoff and texture are wonderful, and it lasts a pretty long time so I think it was definitely worth the investment. I'm really interested in trying more products from NARS as I've only ever used their blushes and eyeshadows before, any recommendations? 

And that was my January in a nutshell. 
Happy February!  

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