Thursday, September 11, 2014

Early Autumn

What I Wore: [Top: Old Navy, Skirt: old Nordstrom - similar, Shoes: old Zara - similar, Lipstick: Bite Beauty "Zin"]

I know I am not alone in saying this but, I love Autumn. Crunchy leaves under my boot clad feet, warm drinks in my hands, and that crisp cool morning air that just makes you feel good - there just isn't a better time of year! In Portland, we're just starting to get some signs of the seasons changing. Although it's still forecasted to be 90 degrees this weekend (kill me, please) every time I see a slightly orange leaf in the trees on my way to class I get a little bit happier. This outfit, I feel, is very "early autumn" appropriate. The skirt is tweed - obviously one of the most Autumnal fabrics, and I've broken out the lightest of my berry lipsticks - yet I'm still able to walk around without tights or any sort of sweater of jacket.  I know that I'll be wearing both the top and the skirt into the later weeks and months as things get cooler and I begin to layer, but for now I am enjoying sitting in the warm sunshine between classes and drinking iced coffee without my hands freezing off.

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