Saturday, February 9, 2013

How To: Milkmaid Braids

This is a hair style that I wear all the time and every time I do I get questions on how I do it, so here is a step by step guide to creating this simple lazy-day hairstyle :)Step 1: Start with brushed out hair, I usually do this with second day hair, so it’s best to refresh it with some dry shampoo. Step 2: Part your hair however you like and do two regular braids, securing them with clear elastic bands. I like to then loosen the braids up a little to make my hair appear thicker (this will help later to hide bobby pins)

Step 3: One by one, fold your braids onto of your head and pin them into place. You may have to work with them for a little bit to get everything to lay flat and look nice, I like to try and tuck the ends of the braids under each other and hide the pins as much as I can for more seamless look. 

Step 4: Last, just lightly spray some hairspray to avoid too many flyaways and make sure that things are secure enough to last the whole day. Then you’re done! You have now created a hairstyle that looks far more complicated than it actually is!

Happy Braiding :)


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