Thursday, October 16, 2014

Halloween Costume Inspiration: Cher from Clueless

Halloween is my favorite holiday (Christmas doesn't count as a holiday in my book because it's an entire season) and I look forward to planning and putting together my costume every year. I'm usually that girl who has her costumes planned in June and begins assembling them before school even starts, this year is no exception. I'll be doing some sort of blog post later on my costumes for this year, but for now I'm going to keep them a surprise. Last year though, was one of my favorite costumes yet and I thought I would share it incase any of you are in need of some inspiration. 

When most people think Cher from Clueless they imagine her match-matchy yellow plaid skirt/blazer outfit from the beginning of the film, and when I decided I wanted to be Cher for halloween I knew trying to recreate that look would just be out of the question. The look she wears on the film poster and to the Val party was much more within reach. All I need to get was a tight, short, red dress, a white feather boa, and something to act as a giant cell phone (I ended up finding a vintage looking case for my iPhone on Amazon!). In total the costume probably cost between $25 and $30, which was just the right amount for me, and it got such a good reception from all of my friends and fellow halloween party goers. 

I hope this was helpful for any of you who are still scrambling to put together a Halloween costume - If you're in need of a couples costume you can always have a guy dress up like Josh! (a.k.a. flannel, T-shirt, jeans)

Happy Halloween!!!!!

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