Sunday, December 1, 2013

OOTD: Thanksgiving In The City




What I Wore: [Coat: Calvin Klein (old), Top: Gap, Skirt: Tory Burch by way of Buffalo Exchange, Necklace: Nordstrom Rack, Shoes: Born, Hair: Curled with a 1 inch curling iron]

I wasn’t able to go back to Minnesota for Thanksgiving this year so instead my sister came out to visit me in Portland for the weekend. She had never been before so it was a great chance to get a to be a tourist around the city and show her some of my favorite restaurants and shops, along with seeing lots of new places. Whenever people come to visit me it just reminds me of how much there is still to see in Portland! 

I ended up being really pleased with how this outfit turned out, it’s a combination of some of my favorite pieces and worked out really well for everything we did on Thanksgiving day (aka walking around, movie watching, eating eating and more eating).

Not being at home for Thanksgiving this year felt a bit strange, having turkey and pumpkin pie in a restaurant filled with people you don’t know is definitely not the same as sitting at a long table with family and friends on either side of you. That being said, I am so incredibly thankful to have had the weekend that I did. I had an amazing time with my sister, I got time to relax, explore, eat, and shop, what more can you ask for? I feel very fortunate, plus I’ll be seeing the rest of my family in only 18 days!

Now, time to tackle my huge mountain of homework, good luck to everyone with finals!


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