Friday, May 24, 2013

Showing Some Blogger Love: Who I'm Following

1: Julia from Gal Meets Glam

imageFirst and foremost on my list is a San Francisco blogger whose looks are always pulled together, exciting, yet very wearable. Julia is my ultimate style twin, the first fashion blog I ever started following, and still by far my favorite one. Aside from having matching tastes in all things fashion I really appreciate her looks because I can always easily pull realistic outfit inspiration that I know will be flattering on my body type. From following her on twitter and Instagram, in addition to her blog, I’ve learned she was also a dancer, loves sweets, and listens Blind Pilot….so I think we could be best friends.

2. Sarah from Classy Girls Wear Pearls

imageSarah’s blog gives me my daily dose of preppy. I love looking at her style, which is 100% true American classic prep, and working some of the different elements into my own wardrobe. The photos on her blog could make anyone in the world fall in love New England and it seems as though everything she does truly makes her the epitome of a classy girl.

3. Estée from Essie Button

imageI originally discovered Estée via her youtube channel, on which she makes videos about makeup and hair and fashion and all sorts of other lovely things, but recently I’ve been loving her blog for more in depth product reviews and recommendations. Everything this girl posts is hilarious, honest, helpful, and just oh so aesthetically pleasing. As I am studying abroad in London next spring I secretly hope that I somehow run into this Canadian born London resident so that I can have a bit of a fangirl moment.

4. Ann from Ann Street Studio

imageAnn, a photographer and outstandingly fashionable lady, leads the glamorous life that I dream of having. Through reading her blog I’ve been able to see her post about working with amazing designers, models, and other creative people, travel to amazing destinations, go to the most fabulous of all parties, all while dressed and styled to absolute perfection. When I read her blog 90% of the thoughts that go through my head are “someday…someday…someday”

5. Alix from The Cherry Blossom Girl

imageThis Parisian girl’s blog has been my most recent follow but her delightfully whimsical posts quickly became a favorite. Alix totally fits my vision of a lovely french girl, dressed beautifully, floating through the streets of Paris. She has such a sweet and soft yet definitely unique and distinct style that I definitely try to incorporate into my day to day wardrobe.

Is there anyone you are following that you think I should be? Let me know!


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