Sunday, January 6, 2013

Top Ten of 2012

1. Too Faced blush in “Cocoa Rose”, this is a matte warm browny-rose color that I used throughout all of 2012. I’m not one to wear bronzer very much because of how pale I am but this browny blush works as kind of a bronzer impostor for me.

2. I bought these Ruff Hewn combat boots on sale at the end of 2011 for around $50 and have never looked back, they go with basically anything I wear and I really like their somewhat “dressier” look.

3. I received this NARS Danmari blush palette as a gift at the end of 2011 and used it non-stop through 2012. The blushes are all highly pigmented and pretty much make you look like a glowing goddess, my personal favorites are “sin” and “orgasm”.

4. I feel like everybody and their mother already knows about/has at least one of the NAKED palettes (which makes sense because they’re awesome), but I thought I would put it on this list anyways because I really like it too! Just go buy it because you’ll love it!

5. As a person with crazy oily, acne prone, and pale skin, finding a foundation that matched my skin tone, kept me from looking like a butter ball, and covered up all the bad things, was unbelievably cool. So, thanks, Clinique

6. These korres lip butters are pretty much the best thing to happen to me ever, they give beautiful sheer color while moisturizing your lips and smelling like a dream. I simply can’t ask for more!

7. The NYX lipstick in “Tea Rose” is my ultimate go to lip color. I feel like I always have to have some kind of color on my lips so that I don’t look dead and this is a nice alternative to brighter colors. It’s also an extremely versatile color, I wore it to prom, my first day of college, and just about every day in between. 

8. I got ahold of the j.crew pixi pants a few months ago and they are already my favorite thing to wear. I have never been one to wear leggings as pants but these are so thick and opaque that they are more like really really tight/comfortable pants. Plus, they are the best for the many plane rides I’ve been taking going back and forth between Portland and MN.

9. The Rimmel Stay Matte Powder is another essential in my daily face makeup because it’s pale enough for me, cheap, and keeps me matte! 

10. My ultimate favorite of the year, this Denim Gap Button Up is now an essential in my wardrobe. I wear it all the time and it never gets old because it can be worn so many different ways! Buttoned up or open, tucked in or hanging out, sleeves rolled up or down, the possibilities and combinations are endless. It’s like a great pair of jeans but for your top half! 

And those are my top 10 favorite makeup and fashion items of 2012, I hope you enjoyed reading about/seeing them and I’ll talk to you all in my next post :)


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