Thursday, September 10, 2015

Something Old and Something New

What I Wore: Top - J. Crew, Short: Lucky, Bag: Madewell, Scarf: Vintage, Sunglasses: Cole Haan

It was back in Spring that I first laid eyes on this beautiful blush pink top from J. Crew. When I saw it hanging on the racks in all it's lightweight, eyelet, pastel glory I fell in love, but being a college student it's very rare that I buy anything full price, so I sadly walked past its display in the front of the store to riffle through the sale rack in the back. Now, imagine my utter joy when I saw the same top hanging on the sale rack just a few months later when I went to go buy "work appropriate pants" (huge eyeroll to this because they are all so ugly and unflattering). Needless to say I went home with the shirt and not the pants. And then because I love to buy things and then wait until just the right moment to wear them, this top sat in my closet with its tags still on until school started. 

Apart from this new top, everything else I'm wearing in this post has been on the blog before in some capacity and is at least a year old, but it's amazing how much the addition of just one new exciting item can liven up my whole wardrobe. When I was younger my motto was always "quantity over quality" meaning my entire wardrobe was made up of enough $15 pieces from Forever 21 that I wouldn't have to wear the same thing twice in an entire month. Today, I can confidently say that quality is definitely more important than quantity to me, and I don't even just mean well made, expensive pieces. I mean filling my wardrobe with pieces that fit well, can be made into a lot of different outfits, can be worn during more than one season, and that I feel comfortable in. I may no longer go on as many "shopping sprees" as I used to but coming home from the store with a new pair of well fitting jeans and fresh, crisp, striped t-shirt feels just as exhilarating. 

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